Yacht Management


Sailing is a passion and it is a pleasure to share that passion with the discerning owners and capable superyacht crew who pride themselves on being part of our team. NANOUG Yacht Management offers its clients a dedicated, confidential and interactive luxury yacht management program run by professionals who understand the business side of yachting. As an accredited, ISM-certified shipping company, NANOUG Yacht Management offers land-based superyacht management services.

Our team consists of seasoned captains and engineers whose collective experience is unmatched and the envy of the competition. We are uniquely positioned to offer a bespoke, world class superyacht management program. Our team is always available to support and meet the complex requirements of yacht ownership. Our response is personal and immediate, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations for luxury yacht management.

Our strength is our experience and our philosophy is simple; improve the experience of ownership. Security, protection, tax responsibility and confidentiality define NANOUG Yacht Management.

Operational management

Operating a yacht is comparable to running a small business and our luxury yacht management team proactively supports owners, captains and crew with all the details. We are there for you around the clock to accompany and support you in all complexities of daily yacht operations.

A luxury yacht operates in an exclusive and complex environment that is global in nature. The NANOUG Yacht Management Team has made many, if not all, of the destinations that yachts are likely to make. Our knowledge and experience in yacht operations help us to offer your ship and your superyacht crew invaluable, first-hand expertise.

There are many facets to running a yacht, and our team understands that. Our extensive network of proven contractors, shipping companies, fuel suppliers, travel agencies, spare parts suppliers, shipyards, port officials and shipping registrars gives your yacht and crew the resources they need for successful yacht management.

  • Arrange dockage worldwide
  • Global brokerage of bunker services
  • Deployment help
  • Route planning
  • Support of a local freight forwarder
  • Port information & contact
  • Parts and spare parts procurement
  • Insurance assistant
  • Transport and travel arrangements for guests / crews

Security and Compliance

NANOUG Yacht Management regards safety as a culture, both on board our yachts and on land. With extensive experience and flagship management software, we ensure that our fleet is safe and compliant.

The safety of the owner, the family and the guests, the crew and the valuable yacht come first.

Yacht safety and compliance is ensured through strict adherence to yacht regulations, including International Safety Management (ISM) and International Security Codes (ISPS). For most large vessels, these yacht regulations are mandatory – we consider the safety of everyone on board the yachts and on land to be a culture.

NANOUG simplifies the entire yacht safety and compliance process with the flagship software. Flagship is a secure, cloud-based, state-of-the-art ship management system that enables us to manage all aspects of the yacht. The software effectively organizes and manages all yacht tasks and yacht problems, documents, planned yacht maintenance, crew list, seller jobs, inventory, spare parts and ISM management in a central and secure system. This streamlines the reporting process and provides a transparent, easy-to-understand structure that enables the owner and all other relevant staff to see and monitor ship operations in real time. The software is constantly updated by our professionals to reflect the latest and greatest management techniques.

  • Create, implement and monitor a safety management system (SMS) tailored specifically for your ship
  • Creation, implementation and supervision of a ship safety plan (SSP)
  • Provide a Shore Designated Person (DPA) and a Company Security Officer (CSO) and alternates available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any type of situation.
  • Conduct audits and generate reports to ensure the ship is compliant with all flag and class yacht regulations, as well as the company’s ISM and ISPS protocols.
  • NANOUG Yachtmanagement believes that the safety management system for any ship under 500 gross tonnes, commercial or private pleasure, should be installed on board so that the crew works at the highest professional level regardless of the size of the yacht.

Financial management

Knowing and responsible yacht bookkeeping ashore helps ensure that the captain and crew can do what they do best, which is operate a good yacht and meet or exceed the owner’s expectations.

A yacht can make hundreds of financial transactions every month. There will be different transaction profiles in different currencies. Our yacht accounting team will process every transaction and ensure that every transaction is properly evaluated and recorded.

Superyacht crews are typically not trained accountants and generally do not enjoy bookkeeping. Our yacht financial management is valued by captains and crew as it makes this bookkeeping work easier and allows them to focus on running the yacht and meeting or exceeding the expectations of the owner and his guests.

Every week the owner and captain will be given a report on the previous week’s spending compared to the budget. A detailed, fully categorized report is submitted as part of our yacht financial management. In the event of significant deviations from the budget, a declaration is made.

Orders are processed, invoices checked and payments made. Depending on the origin of the invoice, the amount and the desired payment speed, different banking systems are used in order to use the most efficient payment service.

Operational bank accounts are established on behalf of the yacht in an offshore jurisdiction. Accounts in USD and EUR and any other common currency are possible. Bank charges are competitively negotiated by our Yacht Accounting Team.

Debit cards are issued to the captain and crew, which are required for the day-to-day expenses of operating the yacht. The use of the cards is checked and the accounts are compared. Nanoug’s yacht accounting staff recommend debit cards as they check all online banking services on a daily basis to monitor the use of the cards.

NANOUG Yacht Management holds accounts with several international forex houses. We obtain the best available exchange rate for currency conversion for our customers to ensure that the most efficient payment systems are available.

NANOUG Yacht Management will ensure efficient cash transfers in the required currency, which the captain can collect from suitable banks.

Nanoug’s yacht accounting team manages the crew’s payroll in accordance with the requirements of the Seafarers’ Employment Regulations. We transfer the salary payments to the crew accounts on the assigned day of each month. NANOUG Yacht Management can, at the owner’s request, set up an offshore structure separate from the corporate structure that owns the yacht and intended for the employment of the crew.

Insurance requirements for a yacht can be complex and there are many factors to consider. NANOUG Yacht Management can advise you on suitable insurance for every risk area as part of our financial management for yachts. We ensure continuous insurance protection and advise if an uninsured risk becomes apparent.

Should a complaint become necessary, we will do everything possible to enable a successful complaint.

As with all other areas of our business, NANOUG Yacht Management does not take commission from insurance brokers. Awards are negotiated on behalf of the yacht owner.

Scheduled maintenance

A planned superyacht maintenance system increases the safety and reliability of every yacht and significantly reduces the risk of operational failure. As a leading company, we ensure that the entire team is prepared and trained in matters of yacht maintenance and safety. NANOUG Yacht Management, in cooperation with the yacht crew, prepares planned maintenance procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer, the classification society, the regulations and the requirements of the flag state. We have also extended the concept of planned yacht maintenance to all departments. Our planned maintenance systems are set up so that the owner can monitor compliance on board, view upcoming yacht maintenance and manage downtime according to his schedule. Managers are hand in hand. They make regular visits to make sure everything is well and to contact with crew for ongoing maintenance and liaison.

As an experienced company, NANOUG recognizes that software can be a valuable tool in yacht management. We also know that this software needs to be intuitive and easy to use with a minimum of familiarization and training. Our observation is that good software creates an open environment that helps sea personnel, land management and owners to record and access all relevant data in real time on a well regulated, well maintained and safe yacht.

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