NANOUG SAS is an owner, operator and manager of ocean-going tankers dedicated to the safe and reliable transport of crude oil worldwide. NANOUG SAS’s fleet is one of the youngest in the industry and is entirely double-hulled. NANOUG SAS manages its own fleet commercially, operationally and technically.

Senior staff on board the vessels are directly employed by the company. That gives assurance of continued quality performance to its standards and enhancement and preservation of its fleet.

NANOUG SAS can also supply and operate Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels through conversion or new building. NANOUG SAS is able to bring added value to its offshore projects through building supervision or construction, engineering and in-house management.

Almost all NANOUG SAS’s vessels (V-Plus, VLCCs and Suezmaxes) are registered under the law and flag of Belgium, France, Germany, Dutch or Bahamas flag. We are an international company that keeps tanker shipping dynamic, future-oriented and progressive.

NANOUG SAS and its predecessors in business have been carrying crude oil since before the Second World War and its employees and officers have a wealth of long service and experience in the business.

This combination of modern vessels and experienced staff has enabled the company to achieve outstanding growth and profitability in an extremely competitive industry whilst continuing to enjoy and to enhance good relationships with customers.

The company endorses corporate social responsibility and has values of fairness and responsibility embedded in its operating ethos. For NANOUG SAS, its employees, its customers its safety, reliability and the environment are not just issues that matter a lot but issues that matter the most.

NANOUG SAS is committed to continual improvement and reviews its assets, officers, staff and ways of working to deliver ever higher standards. The company is open and transparent in its dealings. The 21st century has laid down the challenge to the shipping industry to adapt and take its place in the modern globalised economy. NANOUG SAS gladly accepts the challenge.