Mission Vision Values

  • Mission Vision Values

    What we believe in


Our mission is to offer our trading partners perfect transport and handling solutions for maritime transport while at the same time strictly and professionally fulfilling all international and administrative regulations on board and ashore. This also includes strict compliance with the guidelines and regulations of non-governmental organizations and industrial organizations such as the OCIMF. The main goal of our mission is to provide the highest level of security, environmental policy and security in everything we do.


Our vision is to be known worldwide as a reliable partner to the industry in all areas of bulk liquid transportation, which includes raw and refined products, especially “dirty” and “clean” products. With the experience we have gained in this business area, we are able to always stay on the international market and master the challenge.


The company’s main resources are divided equally between the material value of our fleet and the human capital of our staff. Our employees are well trained and competent. They consist of a young team of experienced and practical officers and engineers who focus on the future challenges of technology, both on board our fleet and in our offices. This is reflected in our impressive record of the most important performance indicators across the entire fleet, which reflect the highest quality standards in terms of safety and environmental policy. The qualities that we value in this business are commitment, honesty and openness.


If we stay focused and on the right path, we will adhere to company guidelines and remain open to alternative solutions that can lead to the same goal. For the benefit of our customers and partners, our primary goal is to strictly follow our management system manual in all areas of our daily work or to run it “live”. This manual is constantly checked by our highly motivated specialists, both on land and on board, who make suggestions and corrections for their respective tasks in the company.

The NANOUG SAS practices a “just culture” on board ships and on land in our offices. This means that front operators, crew members and others are not disciplined based on their experience and training based on actions, omissions or decisions they take. Despite this, gross negligence, willful violations and destructive actions will not be tolerated.

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