NanoUg Meetup

Nano meetup

We are happy to announce our first Nano Meetup in Uganda.

There has been some Lockdown Uplifts in Uganda, with this, we also had to seek for legal authorization from the Local government to allow us continue with our meetup plans with no inconvenience, we have been successfully granted this permission with a maximum number of participants being 25 and ensuring most of the Covid-19 spread measure like face masks, social distancing, & sanitizing.

Therefore our meetup will be in two Sessions, one on 12-06-2020 and the other on 13-06-2020 at 2:00P.M

Venue ViVi Hotel, Mbarara Road, Kabale


  1. Introduction to Blockchain
  2. Introduction to Nano
  3. Nano wallets
  4. NanoUg shop.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided 

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