NanoUg first Meetup

Our first NanoUg Meetup was held at Vivi hotel, Kabale, Mbarara road.

Though we had inconveniences with weather conditions, It was a sucessful gathering and we shares most important topics, Majorly Nano, wallets, how to get Nano coin, weNano and Nanoug shop.

Robotn and Trinidat from WeNano made our meetup more enjoyable, two wenano spots were setup around the meetup venue, our participants were able to claim some Nano from these spots and this further helped to demonstrate on Nano transactions and wallets.

Several other wenano spots will be setup in different places in Kabale by our community member to further create Nano awareness in the region.

There was aslo a demonstration on how to buy products with Nano coin from NanoUg shop.

 We didn’t meet the expected meetup attendance target due to rainfall with only 12 participants, however we shall make further arrangements for another meetup.

Appreciations to everyone who attended, Backfunders to our meetup and those making NanoUg grow big.

We shall keep the community aware of our next meetup, date and time.

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