Crew Management

Our philosophy

The quality of officers and crew is the most important factor in managing a ship

Crew Management

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Our task

Our mission is to recruit and retain top quality seafarers to ensure the safe operation of ships, the safety of personnel and the prevention of marine pollution.

Our goal is to create long-term value for our customers by building a strategic partnership, so that human resources can be developed in a quality-conscious and cost-effective manner.

Crew Management Operation

We manage a pool of around 8,278 highly qualified seafarers from our modern offices in Cagliari and Hamburg.

We have proven expertise in the areas of recruitment and selection, training, education, travel preparation, allocation budgeting and accounting. Our recruitment activities are based on long-term cooperation with renowned occupation agencies.

Using a web-based

With a human resource management system that interfaces with specific crew and travel agencies, we can maintain the highest standards for data integrity and communication efficiency while maximizing profitability. In addition, we can respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and challenges through real-time access to personnel data and the associated certification.

Commitment to our customers

NANOUG is committed to operating its ships with officers and crew that meet the highest standards in the industry.

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