A Cashless Community

We are group of Blockchain Enthusiasts, Traders  Developers and   empowering the growth of Nano and Crypto communities in Uganda through our initiatives of educational courses during meetups and Events, Developers study-Jams, innovation challenges that seek to support young people establish social businesses using Blockchain technology.
Nano is Digital Money for the mordern world

At Our House

Dev Hub

Free open space for developers to grow a local blockahian dev community, share experience, Ideas with others with our weekly Training in different programing languages, Java, PHP, Python


Exchange your Nano and other crypto curriencies to Ugandan shillings at our house, securely and conveniently. Like wise you can buy Nano with UGX

Meetups & Events

We have a well organised space for Blockchain events, Meetups, Hackthons. We frequently host these events to provide Blockchain educational materials to our commuities

University Internsihps

Student doing courses such as IT, Computer Science, Business courses will have opportunities to do training Internships with us and gain field experience


Send and receive money to friends and families in different cities, other different countries (Ghana, Nigeria) enjoy Instant, fast cheap transactions with Nano globally.

Merchant acceptance

We are trying to sacle merchants who acceppt Nano as Payments for Goods and services so that you can easily spend Nano In Uganda

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We are working towards designing and develop Blockchain technology solutions that enable Local organisations accelerate social impact. This includes social businesses or corporate social responsibility initiatives of for-profit businesses.


We are implementing a series of 3-month boot camps for individuals with limited or no experience in Blockchain, technology and development to acquire the skills needed to build their own businesses or succeed in the workplace. Also Learn how to code by leveraging our experienced industry facilitators, and partners. Join one of our two-month or three-month immersive programs. Get ready to work.

Women in Blockchain & Tech

Through our community of female champions, we will organize talks and trainings geared towards growing and upskilling the number of women and girls in Blockchain & technology.

Why choose Nano


Nano is fee-less, making it practical and inclusive for everyone in the world.


Without relying on mining, printing or minting, Nano is sustainable digital money.


Quick and easy-to-use with instant, Nano is ready when you are.

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